Yamaha Helm-Master-EX Set-point Modes


By Capt. Dave Lear


Yamaha’s new Helm Master EX integrated boat control system allows the operator to command multiple aspects of the boat with one hand—literally. Using the joystick control, four position-hold modes, referred to as SetPoint are possible. Each one has been modified to provide smooth operation and enhanced functions.

In the StayPoint mode, the engine(s) automatically maintains both the boat heading and position. To maintain the position, up to Thrust Level 5 is automatically engaged. This function would be useful while waiting for bridge clearance or a boat ramp to clear before docking.

Anglers will appreciate the FishPoint capabilities. In this mode, the Helm Master control automatically seeks to maintain the boat position only using minimal rpm. The heading input is not engaged. By selecting FishPoint Bow, the boat can be set ahead prevailing currents/wind for optimum bait presentation or positioning to structure. The FishPoint Stern keeps the stern of the boat facing the structure. These functions maximize the casting opportunities and the number of anglers aboard. Whenever FishPoint is engaged, the Thrust Level automatically resets to 1 for enhanced safety and to allow time for anglers to get ready.

DriftPoint mode is another handy function for anglers. In this setting, the boat is automatically engaged to maintain the heading only, while still allowing a natural drift with the prevailing currents or wind. This increases the odds of fully covering the strike zone or various depths. And like in FishPoint, every time the DriftPoint mode is engaged, the Thrust Level resets to 1.

DriftPoint Track adds yet another option for the operator. In this mode, the boat’s heading is maintained while drifting along a track or route of waypoints pre-set by the user. This function would allow fishing along an underwater ledge, a series of docks, bridge pilings, or other structures to maximize casts and increase the odds of success. DriftPoint Track also resets to Thrust Level 1 whenever the function is selected.

For more details about all aspects of Yamaha’s new Helm Master EX integrated boat control system, please visit: YamahaOutboards.com

Helmaster EX is available for boats equipped with a single outboard to multi-engine systems. With a single outboard system, the Stay Point function is non-functional and sideways boat maneuverability via joystick is not available.  Learn more about specific features of the Helmaster EX  today.


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