Skeeter’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Fish, Lived out by Midwestern Angler


Skeeter’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Fish, Lived out by Midwestern Angler

By Craig Lamb

What does the owner of a farm tractor dealership in the Midwest have in common with selling bass boats? A lot if you are Doug Vahrenberg, owner of Vahrenberg Implement in Higginsville, Mo., about 50 miles east of Kansas City.

Google his name and what appears on the search page is a link to Doug Vahrenberg’s YouTube channel loaded with bass fishing related videos. In fact, the entire Google search engine results first page lists fishing topics, all linked to his name.

Skeeter’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Fish, Lived out by Midwestern Angler

Vahrenberg somehow balances his time running the family business with an uncanny passion for bass fishing. That combines competing in tournaments, producing how-to videos about using Humminbird fish finding side-imaging technology and more. Collectively, the videos have racked up over 7 million views.

Vahrenberg also applies his sales skills gained from owning a 65-year-old family business to sizing up what makes a good bass boat. Sound peculiar? If so, let him explain the reasons why.

“Selling tractors and bass boats is the same when you consider what the customer needs to know,” he said. “You can impress them with the fancy technology, the marking terms and take them through the product, show them all of the features that stand out.

Skeeter’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Fish, Lived out by Midwestern Angler

BASS Photo by Steve Bowman

But none of the above matters at all unless you can show the customer how each feature benefits him,” he continued. “I like to show what a feature does, not just what it says it is on a list.”

Vahrenberg’s customers are farmers that expect a tractor to stand up to thousands of hours of field use, in all conditions, and have as little downtime as possible due to mechanical issues. To a farmer, downtime costs money, so owning a dependable implement is a must.

All of the above also explains why Skeeter Boats is Vahrenberg’s choice for a bass rig and has been since 1993.

“I fell in love with the attention to engineering and design in a Skeeter,” he said. “Clearly, their engineers are committed and focused on building a boat built to last.”

Eat. Sleep. Fish.® That is a marketing slogan that is popular with Skeeter Boats. Vahrenberg lives it all, as an avid angler and tournament fisherman who is endeared to the brand.

Skeeter’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Fish, Lived out by Midwestern Angler

“What else they do so well is design that same boat with a focus on designing the interior of the boat to make it ideal for a tournament angler,” he continued. “The layout allows you to keep tackle organized and ready to use while providing plenty of space to carry everything you need.”

Performance and maneuverability are other high marks given by Vahrenberg to his Skeeter. As a former member of the Skeeter Boats Demo Team, Vahrenberg has many hours of demonstrating those features to customers in real time, hands-on environment.

Safely completing a 90-degree turn is a maneuver made during a typical demo ride. What can be perceived as an extreme sales tactic is much more? The test is conducted by accelerating the boat to its maximum top-end speed, and then sharply turning the steering wheel 180 degrees with no change in settings. The boat passes the test by completing a 90° change in direction without the driver losing confidence in his ability to maintain control.

“You don’t expect to make a turn like that,” explained Vahrenberg. “But to know the boat will react, and do it safely, brings you peace of mind knowing it can be maneuvered around floating obstructions like floating logs or debris.”

“The turn isn’t so much a performance feature as it is a safety feature,” he continued. “Being able to react to those situations quickly and safely is the benefit.”

Skeeter’s ‘Eat, Sleep, Fish, Lived out by Midwestern Angler

BASS Photo by Steve Bowman

What else Vahrenberg likes, and has since the beginning, is the ultra-wide front casting deck of a Skeeter.

“It gives me a competitive edge because as a junk fisherman I might keep 20 rods on the front deck, 10 on each side at the port and starboard side of the boat,” he said. “Even with all that gear on the deck, I have plenty of space to cast, fight fish, rig my baits.”

Another attribute he likes is the completely closed transom without a need for a transom splash-well.

“In the event of an emergency when you need to suddenly shut down the throttle there won’t be any water rushing over the stern into the boat,” he explained. “What else that does is reduce the boat’s wake, which is a big plus when you are sneaking up on spooky bass in shallow water.”

Vahrenberg’s choice is a Skeeter FX20, which he favors for its versatility and maneuverability in tight areas.

“In Missouri, we have a lot of river systems and the 20-foot class boat is ideal for maneuvering inside narrow channels,” he said. “Plus, I fish on Truman Lake, where standing timber is everywhere, and the size is perfect for steering around it all.”

The FX20 spans 20’ 1” with a wide beam measuring 95 inches. The boat is loaded from bow to stern with standard features. Humminbird, Minn Kota, Power-Pole accessories are standard, not optional, equipment. Those accessories are all factory rigged, including the Yamaha 4.2L 250 h.p. V MAX SHO outboard.

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