Je Suis Charle and are we really able to speak freely?


Je Suis Charle and are we really able to speak freely?


Knock knock, who’s there? Je Suis, Je Suis who?  I’ll tell ya who.
Now sometimes this cowboy humorist, me. Sets down his pen and puts aside his humor to deal with a more serious side of society. But today the PEN is mightier than the sword! Or is it?
Seems that folks have lost their sense of humor. We’re not able to see the lighter side of a subject and as a society, we falling prey to the dark side of the force. Our news is littered with razor blades and bear traps. We jump to conclusions, get tangled in the mess, and leap on to social media, and Hatebook takes over.
But the good think is it’s allowed us to speak freely.  Freedom is one of the only things we have that is “Made in America”.  However, my original comments for today were looked at by my editor and chief, my wife. Much to my surprise, she found NO grammatical errors, which shocked me. She simply said, “but we have kids,” WOW!   So, I ask you folks, IS the pen mightier than the sword? Maybe if it has ink in it. But these days we have everything exposed online, pictures of us, our kids, where we live. Can we stand up and speak freely? You bet we can, as long as we watch each others backs.
 The key to good humor is truth, and I’d be lying to you if I said I had a funny way out of this mess.


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