FORE! or Foul? Mr. Obama!

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FORE! or Foul? Mr. Obama!
Sometimes when you read a headline these days you think it’s a spoof.  Something you would find in a tabloid or FOX News, or MSNBC. Here’s the headline: President Obama makes Soldiers move their wedding because he wants to play golf.
WILL SAYS ICONMr. President, There are a lot of things that you have been called in your presidency, but a Homewrecker .. Hmm! Now I know you don’t do your schedule, and you most likely are shuffled around. But I have to believe that you’re in charge of the aftermath.
Your solution for this was to call the soldiers and say sorry, thanks for being a good sport, have a nice life. That wasn’t you exact words but the basic idea. Why didn’t you just tell the soldiers “hey, have the wedding tomorrow and we will foot the bill for everything. I mean, I am pretty sure were paying for your vacation and golf anyway, why not pay for the people that put their lives on the line.


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