DaVinci Institute Speaker Series: AI & The Future Brain, April 8

Date: April 08, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm

Join us as we discuss A.I. & The Future Brain – How Tech Is Changing Humans. Come and hear what our experts have to say about how our brains are going to change or be changed in the coming decades.

Our growing but partial list of experts includes:

  • David Jilk, panel member. Dave Jilk is co-founder and a director of eCortex, Inc., an R&D company that builds neural network brain simulations for government-sponsored research programs on cognition and artificial intelligence. He is author or co-author of several published papers on the hypothesized imminent intelligence explosion. Dave advises technology startups and previously founded as well as ran several startup companies in the software industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT.

  • Dr. Seth Herd, panel member and CEO of eCortex Inc. eCortex performs research using artificial neural networks. We primarily use ANNs as tools to study brain function, although we have also developed practical applications for object detection and localization for sonar and video. eCortex has developed detailed theories and neural network models of the brain mechanisms underlying human decision-making, confirmation bias and motivated reasoning, visual system functioning through predictive learning, and whole-brain function.

  • Jay Swartz, panel member.  Mr. Swartz is a management consultant and Data Scientist helping clients to adopt and expand AI implementations to solve business challenges. He has achieved state of the art performance with IBM Watson, exceeding 97% accuracy, resulting in two patents. Currently President of Improved Business Methods, Mr. Swartz brings over 40 years of experience in software engineering, research, marketing and consulting with companies such as Apple Computer, University of Colorado, IBM, Seagate Technology, Sun Microsystems (Oracle) and Welltok. He contributes a rich, multi-disciplinary perspective based on his work with machine learning, virtual reality, information systems, web/mobile solutions and global technology management. Mr. Swartz is an active advisor to startups and is a Quora Top Writer (Jacque Swartz).

    Email: JayWSwartz@gmail.com, LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaywswartz, Twitter: @JWSwartz

  • Brooke Chesnut, panel moderator. Brooke Chesnut has dedicated 30 years of corporate experience combined with climbing the highest peaks around the world. Drawing from those experiences, Brooke helps CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives and Community Leaders improve their engagement skills, overcome adversity, and grow their respective enterprises in a competitive environment. Brooke shares a unique perspective as a worldwide mountaineer whose leadership model was dynamically influenced with time spent climbing Mount Everest in 2018 with a multigenerational team.

This complimentary event promises to be a popular and very thought-provoking session so please, reserve your seat now.

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