And on the 7th days Brian Williams beat FOX NEWS out of an interview with #God !


And on the 7th days Brian Williams beat FOX NEWS out of an interview with #God !


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the daily scream… Ahh, here we go! And on The 6th day God finished the heavens and earth. On the 7th day, Brian Williams beat out FOX News and MSNBC with an exclusive interview with GOD AT HIS SUMMER HOME.. Wait a second, now why folks are surprised that we stumbled upon a media person that elaborates the news is baffling to me. This from an industry that goes by the motto of “If it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t lead.” Is it because we are we upset because we are used to politicians taking that job? See, politicians create stories and promises as much as we use the bathroom, and what they speak is made of the same byproducts, Brian Williams, and others media, simply did that old trick of, “I caught a fish & it was THIS big. ” Because, let’s face it, we don’t watch the news nowadays to see who survived, we watch it to collect conversation for the water cooler or Facebook.

Film at 11 has been replaced by; ” Hey did you see that youtube video.”
The other day a person on Hatebook, sorry Facebook posted a video of “clearer footage of the twin towers” and then the next day a plane crash video? Why? I’ll tell you why, we the people have become just like the media circus. We want to be the ones that break the news and get the most followers. Listen, we can slap the hands of the media and Politicians that lie, but Only if our slapping hand is not in the cookie jar as well. Remember, don’t cast that stone if you live in a Glasshouse …

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