The Best Stadium Wins!

The Best Stadium Wins!

~ Amy Lignor

Ah…the NFL. Between the bad—lawsuits from ex-players regarding drugs being supplied to them without actual information being given regarding the side effects of said drugs later in life; and the good—the players who are already being raved about from the draft that have made many hometown fans already excited and waiting for the first preseason game to begin ASAP; the NFL has most definitely kept its track record of delivering just about every headline humanly possible.

One of the latest, of course, came from the subject of stadiums. This subject touches on everything from ‘how to build a new stadium’ to ‘bringing the Super Bowl to cities that deserve it, yet have not had the capacity to host it’.

images (4)Well…once the draft was over and things quieted down, it was the city of Minnesota picked on Tuesday to host Super Bowl LII in 2018. This did not go over very well with Indianapolis and, the actual favorite, New Orleans.

But, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area most definitely had their own edge, considering the fact that a brand new Vikings’ stadium is going to be in place when the Super Bowl comes to town. Expected to open for the 2016 NFL season, $1 billion is being spent for both the fans and the city. And, thankfully, for the players who do not wish to play the biggest game of the year during another polar vortex, Minnesota is even going to make sure that a retractable roof is in place to keep the excitement and thrills in, and the flu season out.

The NFL who has always proven that they like revenue and profits far more than anything else, has been giving the ‘gift’ of the biggest sports event of the year to the cities that work their behinds off to put up that new stadium that seats many, is a huge draw for the out-of-towners, and will bring in the cash. In fact, it is this season’s Super Bowl that will be played in Phoenix, mostly because they just opened their new stadium. In addition, the 49ers of San Francisco will be on tap to host the 2016 Super Bowl in a brand new Levi’s Stadium. Although many football lovers feel that Candlestick Park is history that should still be a part of the NFL.

It will certainly be nice for Minneapolis to see the ‘big game’ once again. In fact, they have not hosted since 1992 when Washington and Buffalo went head-to-head in the Metrodome.

download (1)Now, yes, it is quite difficult to have a Super Bowl in these coldest of cold places. After all, people just had to deal with a travel nightmare after a mega-snowstorm hit New York/New Jersey almost directly after the Seahawks slapped around the Broncos, so Minneapolis will have to be very careful as far as outdoor activities, what they can provide to fans, as well as travel services in case they receive normal Minnesota weather when the Super Bowl arrives.

Some stadiums are literally looking like the unwanted cousin when it comes to ever seeing a Super Bowl in their hometown ever again. One is Miami. Although it is certainly a great town for weather, Sun Life Stadium is literally a wreck. Even the NFL stated that they would not return there for the ‘big game’ unless issues are fixed. But the money available does not yet allow Sun Life to add a partial stadium roof, so it looks like Miami may just have to rely on their Dolphins to actually GET to the Super Bowl so they can at least watch on TV.

The Bills in Buffalo have issues and St. Louis, believe it or not, has a lease that stipulates the venue must rank among the top eight NFL stadiums in quality by 2015 or the Rams can move elsewhere. Renovations don’t seem to be in the cards anytime soon.

We shall see if the teams that have hosted the fewest Super Bowls in history will ever rise to the top of the list again. All they need is to find that billion dollars hiding somewhere and they should be good to go!


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