Partisan Polemic Revisits Mike Brown Shooting in Ferguson, Missouri

On August 9, 2014, Mike Brown was shot a half-dozen times by police officer Darren Wilson on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, a predominantly-black suburb of St. Louis. Because several eyewitnesses said the 18 year-old had his hands up at the time, the incident triggered nationwide civil unrest which gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.

#Ferguson gridlock, Washington norm!

  #Ferguson gridlock, Washington norm! I see protesters are stopping traffic all over the US. Nothing says “Hey let’s have a civil discussion”  like adding 2 hours on to my commute home! You should of created gridlock on Pennsylvania ave when Congress went on recess. Never mind, wouldn’t phased them, their used to going no […]

Does #Ferguson change everything? Or business as usual?

Does #Ferguson change everything? Or business as usual? I used to live in Vegas… Everyone knows that no matter how good you are at gambling the house always wins, it’s just set up that way. A murderer cannot be called a murderer until the party is proven guilty, unless, of course, you are the victim. […]

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