Surface Preparation Tools for Concrete and Masonry

With over 30 years of experience offering concrete and masonry professionals innovative power tools and exceptional technical sales assistance, CS Unitec continues to lead the industry in the equipment and accessories to meet the mixing, drilling, grinding, cutting and demolishing needs of the concrete, masonry and natural stone markets. Recently, to complement their line of hand-held and walk-behind concrete grinders, CS Unitec has added Trelawny surface preparation tools to their product offering.

When it comes to surface preparation, CS Unitec understands there is not a “one tool fits all” solution to meet the needs of contractors and industry professionals. Several factors need to be considered in the selection of the proper tool or tools for each particular application.

Preparing concrete and natural stone surfaces for sealing, painting or other applications may involve the removal of existing coatings, as well as demolishing, roughening, repairing and cleaning the surface. New coatings for application on concrete may require a smooth, grooved or rough surface. Floors and other large-surface areas are more easily prepared with walk-behind tools as opposed to smaller and hard-to-reach areas that are better served with hand-held tools.

CS Unitec offers several different tools to meet the needs of most surface preparation applications, including tools with dust control capabilities for greater operator safety and work area cleanliness, low-vibration models for more comfortable and safer operation and tools for use in hazardous areas, such as HEPA vacuums.


CSU Scabblers smAggressive Removal and Demolition

Concrete scabblers are ideal for heavy-duty applications such as fast concrete removal and demolition or preparation of concrete cracks for repair. CS Unitec’s hand-held pneumatic scabblers provide up to 7200 blows per minute to expose aggregate for proper application of new materials such as textured finishes and waterproofing coatings.

Multi-headed floor scabblers are ideal for concrete keying, laitance removal and leveling high spots. The eleven-head MHS 11 floor scabbler provides 24,000 light blows per minute to protect the primary substrate, while the MHS 5 offers 6500 blows per minute with 5 heads, quickly leveling high spots, breaking down hard coatings prior to blast cleaning and texturing/roughening for sealant and overlay protection.


Coatings Removal, Smoothing, Keying and Grooving

Removal of coatings on flat surfaces can be achieved with hand-held peening preparation tools (PPT). An ideal alternative to small-area shot blasting, PPTs clean and prepare steel and concrete surfaces faster and more aggressively than grinders.

CSU Scarifiers smCompact and lightweight, these versatile tools can be used on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Accessories include abrasive shot peening flaps for removal of light paint and rust, beam cutters for removal of hard coatings, and star cutters for aggressive removal of heavy scaling and thick coatings such as epoxies and alkyds. An integrated dust shroud, when used with suitable vacuums, safely removes lead-based paints and other hazardous materials to achieve greater operator safety and comfort.

CS Unitec’s floor scarifiers are ideal for keyed and grooved profiles on concrete for waterproofing and non-slip surfaces applications.

CSU WB Concrete Grinder smCS Unitec’s hand-held grinders remove epoxy, paint and other hard coatings from small to medium-sized surfaces before new paint or coatings are applied. The diamond grinding wheels on the 5” and 7” models grind concrete, screed and natural stone. Features include a special dust guard that allows grinding directly to the edge and a dust extraction port for connection to an industrial vacuum. An optional walk-behind cart is available for use on floors. CS Unitec’s EBS 235 9” walk-behind floor grinder is the ideal choice for applications including preparing living rooms for new carpet and resurfacing cellars, garages and balconies.


Tile, Rubber, Adhesive and Mortar Removal

For projects that require the removal of floor tiles, linoleum, carpets, plaster, rubber coatings, mortar, and ice, CS Unitec’s long-reach scrapers are the optimal choice. Available in 2’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ lengths, this versatile tool will chip, scrape and descale surfaces. A quick-change chisel release allows easy use of chisel, needle and scraper accessories to meet the needs of the project.

For more information on any of the surface preparation tools discussed above, or for application or technical sales assistance, contact CS Unitec by calling 1-800-700-5919 or via email at


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