Stuart Woods & Barrington Are Back in Standup Guy

TOMStandupGuyStuart Woods & Barrington Are Back in Standup Guy

Book Review by Amy Lignor

It never takes long for a new ‘Stone Barrington’ novel to arrive on store shelves. Apparently, Stuart Woods still owns an imagination that simply won’t quit; he comes up with stories so fast that it almost seems as if Dumbledore and his magic wand are camped out in Woods’ basement.


This is yet another edge-of-your-seat adventure featuring Barrington, his police pals and his many girlfriends that now – after all this time – seem like friends and family. So, sit back and enjoy!


In this installment, Stone’s newest client is a very gentlemanly, polite man who is hiring Stone to resolve a very interesting problem. Stone does the work to a ‘T,’ as always, and sends his client on his way. But, this is not going to be an easy departure. Surprisingly, Stone hasn’t seen the end of this client or the client’s problem.


A variety of people known to Stone have become extremely interested in this man and his problems, and sure enough this one man will connect all of them to a very old crime. Being that some of these people happen to be categorized as ‘bad guys,’ they are not about to give up their mission just because the statute of limitations on this particular crime has run out.


As usual with Barrington novels, the reader is taken on a mysterious ride that’s a whole lot of fun. This plot leads to the sunny, sandy beaches of the Sunshine State, before turning back to the magnificent homes of the very wealthy ones located in the Northeast. But you can be sure that our hero, working with all the friends he’s made over the years, will come out on top.


Woods is well known for combining thrilling action, fast cars, secrets galore, and a last minute conclusion that keeps his slew of faithful readers very happy. This new offering is no different!


Until Next Time, Everybody,

Amy Lignor


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