Paraffin Skin Treatments Become the Popular Choice to Feel Better

Paraffin Skin Treatments Become the Popular Choice to Feel Better

 ~ Carmen Schwartz

Spa treatments are immersed in one of the biggest, fastest-growing industries in America. Reaching $100 already, experts say the industry will grow to $114 billion dollars by 2015. The reasons for this are varied; but the largest seems to be the fact that men and women want to feel better and look younger. Even younger ages are starting their cosmetics and health regimen right now so they can maintain the vitality of their skin.
shutterstock_16245619There are many treatments to be had in the world of facials and massage, but the deluxe paraffin treatment seems to get raves from all ages. It’s no wonder, considering this service offers complete comfort and relaxation, which are priceless commodities in 2013 that are rarely found.


For those who have not yet taken full advantage of the ‘5-star’ services in the ‘5-star’ FaceLuXe environment – a paraffin treatment begins with a relaxing massage (foot, hand, face – depending on service requested), and continues with a salt scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. The warm lavender paraffin wax dip is then applied.


But paraffin treatments not only feel better and allow the skin to look far better, but they were created to increase the blood supply to the area being treated, trapping moisture from underlying layers of the skin. With this highly comfortable treatment, the skin is actually waterproofed, keeping the necessary oils in that the body produces to help the skin. The skin is both rejuvenated and nourished, looking younger and allowing the client to feel younger.


When anyone talks about the waxing process, others in the room look pained. Perhaps it’s because of the comedy movies, or the harmful ways shutterstock_7041964waxing was done before advanced cosmetics and technology came along. Wax is now taking the spotlight when it comes to beauty treatments, as more and more people are finding out that the treatment they once thought was pure and utter pain is now a must-have.


Still the popular way to remove unwanted body hair from legs, arms, chests, eyebrows and bikini lines, the treatment that’s sparking popularity is the paraffin wax bath. Paraffin wax is a soft wax with a low melting point, which means it melts at a temperature cool enough to safely immerse the client’s skin. The paraffin wax baths provided at FaceLuXe are the ultimate treatment when it comes to softening and smoothing skin. Done in small tubs that are just able to submerge the hands or feet, the tubs are heated so the wax melts into a warm liquid.


Paraffin wax is not a new product (although it’s far better now that it’s evolved). Paraffin wax was actually used in combination with massage therapy back in the Roman Empire. And in this day and age, the wax baths are now a popular physical therapy treatment when it comes to helping with sports-related injuries.


But the paraffin wax treatments also provide more benefits than the smooth, soft skin. It’s a satisfying and relaxing addition to a manicure or pedicure. It is also a common item used in heat therapy treatments for people with arthritis or other rheumatic diseases; the heat increases blood flow and relaxes the muscles, which has made paraffin wax a huge help for people suffering from arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.


The heat therapy benefits go on. The Roman Empire certainly passed along a fantastic way to treat muscles, tendons and ligament ailments. By increasing the blood flow, joint stiffness is relieved and pain is reduced.


So what would be the best possible way to spend your day being treated like an Emperor or Empress? Easy. Head into the stunning environment of FaceLuXe and try out one of these paraffin wax baths that will have you feeling rejuvenated in minutes. Then…head to their sister company, MassageLuXe, where any of the leftover tension and stress in your muscles will be magically removed.


This is one time you want to get on board with the popular fad!




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