Healthcare Validation Continues for Massage Therapy

Healthcare Validation Continues for Massage Therapy

 ~ Carmen Schwartz

98Although there are debates in almost every industry on the planet, there is one industry where the debates have basically gone silent over the past couple of years. That industry is massage therapy, and the actual physical and health benefits that stem from every form of massage.


What used to be seen as a way to simply have a relaxing day and regroup from a bad work week, is now an actual science that doctors are utilizing when it comes to the ever-increasing number of patients with osteoporosis, joint issues, bone degeneration, arthritis, and a list of other problems. But this is not what most people may think about: this is not only about senior citizen care. In fact, the more techno this world is becoming, the more the younger generation needs massage and chiropractic services (along with eye glasses).


And this particular world is not about to change anytime soon. From pinched nerves to bad backs, the younger generation will be needing massage services on a regular basis as they age. Because of sitting at computers, typing constantly, while the rest of the time staring into a cell phone which is a far smaller screen and, again, typing – the joints and muscles of the human body become painful. Without the help of outdoor work or physical fitness, the problems will get even larger.


It is a definite fact that the AMA and the American Massage Therapy Association continue to be heavily involved when it comes to increasing massage services available in doctor’s offices, hospitals and standard healthcare facilities. Wellness objectives are on the rise when it comes to osteoporosis, arthritis, and muscle pain; medical organizations are continuing to speak positive about massage being one of the forms of healthcare people need in order to feel better and help slow the degeneration of muscle tissue and bones. (Enter…MassageLuXe)


On the other side of the equation, Xist Fitness is a name out there in America that is literally ‘calling out’ to the physical fitness buff. However, it is also calling out, perhaps unexpectedly, to people who are fearful of exercise, embarrassed by exercise, or so exhausted that exercise seems like yet another ‘must do’ that they simply don’t have time for. But the reason Xist Fitness is calling out and bringing in people is because of the fact that this is one facility that offers experienced trainers in surroundings that cause no embarrassment to the person no matter what weight they are beginning at when they start up their physical fitness program. This is not a place where you walk in and feel as if you need to be a weight trainer in order to begin your weight loss and fitness program. This is a place that gives you support, peace, and helps you achieve your goals – three things that everyone who is overweight or feeling down needs.


MassageLuXe is the name that is constantly expanding in America. These franchises are opening all across the country and provide that ‘5-Star’ atmosphere with experienced therapists who know exactly what the body needs. Whether it be fighting arthritis, osteoporosis, helping with sports injuries, or starting that very-much-needed path of de-stressing and lowering anxiety (the two causes for more and more heart attacks every single year), MassageLuXe has been the name people are choosing to feel better.


The goals of MassageLuXe, Xist Fitness – and their ‘siblings’, The TAN Company, Spray la Vie, and FaceLuXe – have all come together to help America look and feel better. They are also part of the nationwide movement to get in shape using the healthy path.


Aches and pains are normal; but when it comes to the point where we are looking at a generation of electronic careers only, these aches and pains will grow stronger and turn into far more difficult problems at a far more rapid rate.


In other words…Debate over, America! Now is the time to turn to companies that were literally built to help you fight the pain and aggravation of daily life, by doing it in the most healthy way possible!



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