Eye Doctors Applaud Social Media!

Eye Doctors Applaud Social Media!

 ~ James Moore


If reading this article now, you have just seen another social media benefit: Humor is a great way for your content to bring in your target audience and help build your brand.


However, even though slightly sarcastic, the 21st Century generation is most definitely looking at everything from eyeglasses and contacts to massage therapy and chiropractors down the road. In other words, brands like ‘MassageLuXe’ are going to get even more popular than they are already.


Within the confines of social media – basically, at the very core of social media – sits the person who knows the ins and outs of databases, platforms, mobile devices, applications and so on, and so on, and so on. The term ‘techno geek’ has become far more than an underground title. In fact, it has become the path to great jobs, more money, and a lifetime career in innovation. This is also one career path that will continually give you a job when times get rough. In other words, lay-offs may occur in the social media industry but they will not be for long. With the experience of technology on your resume, you will always be wanted; much like an NFL player who has won the Super Bowl three times, who all teams will want, technology is the way for the younger generation, (and much of the older), to earn money in 2014 and build that stellar career.


When it comes to the world’s economy, the social media realm has also become a savior. Specific forms of intelligence must be had, which means college is back! Let’s face it, higher education did go out of style for a bit, especially because of the economy and the inability to pay for any sort of collegiate program. As doors begin to open once again on education, the world of the computer/techno geek is going to enlarge even more.


There is a branch of the social media realm that is growing even more rapidly, and that is the social media/marketing/PR team that has come together to make sure the smaller brands, that do not necessarily have the cash to put together a marketing campaign that involves spreads or advertisements in the biggest magazines across the country – not to mention, television ads that cost millions and can not be had by the small business – get a leg up on their competition.


A business must grow from small to medium to large over time. A real brand that stays in the consumers world for a good, long while spanning generations, such as the mighty Coca-Cola, stay there because of the fact that they were built by innovators who understood marketing campaigns long before the computer made its entrance into the world.


This day and age, events and campaigns span everything from the computer to email to Instagram to mobile applications – which are all necessary. The upside is many are absolutely free or at least inexpensive enough to use to create a target audience and bring them on board. The only appendage necessary to get that ball rolling is the social media/PR team. As with anything and everything in life, however, the social media/PR team chosen must have that education, learning, background and resume filled with the ability to issue content, monitor your site 24/7, take care of problems as they arise, and basically lead you by the hand down the path of brand building.


This is an entire team of techno-geeks that are guaranteed to enlarge your customer base through data analysis, and the vast multitude of technological ways that were specifically invented to grab the customer’s attention.


In other words, as a company owner you must Be Quick to outdo the competition. You must Be Smart, to make sure that your company’s brand is the one on everyone’s lips. And in order to do just that…you need to utilize the essential abilities of Be First.


Check out Be First at BeFirstMediaGroup  and begin the one journey you must take in order for your company to expand!


P.S. By doing so YOU will have a way better chance of avoiding that eye doctor in the future! 


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