Jews of Egypt Poster SmallFollowing a successful two week theatrical run at Quad Cinema in New York City and in response to the many requests by audiences outside of New York City to have access to see this very important documentary, JEWS OF EGYPT is now available on VOD for everyone in the USA on the new platform


JEWS OF EGYPT received very good reviews from the press:


“A dense, often chilling work that manages, in 95 minutes, to devote equal screen time to an overwhelming number of Egyptian Jews …” – March 25, 2014 Full Review Source: Village Voice

Sam Weisberg, Village Voice – Top Critic

“The movie is rich in romanticism and complex political relationships.” ‘ March 28, 2014
Full Review  Miriam Bale – New York Times – Top Critic

” The recent political upheaval in Egypt adds a haunting resonance to Amir Ramsis’ illuminating documentary chronicling the period in the first half of the twentieth century when Jewish people were a widely accepted segment of the population before they were systematically expelled from the country in the 1950s. ”  –  March 28, 2014 Full Review
Frank Scheck  – Hollywood Reporter – Top Critic

“A priceless history lesson for anyone interested in understanding the back story explaining how formerly-tolerant Egypt evolved into the religious state it is today.” – March 23, 2014 Full Review 
Kam WilliamsBaret News
” One of the darkest chapters in modern Egyptian history is fully exposed in Amir Ramses’ “The Jews of Egypt,” the most accomplished, most important Egyptian non-fiction film of the past five years. ”
Variety Arabia

This fascinating documentary brilliantly blends interviews and archival footage to recall times of tolerance and inclusiveness when the identity of Egyptian Jews was unquestioned by their Arab compatriots and they were viewed as partners in nation building. Jews of Egypt captures fragments of the lives of members of the Jewish community from the first half of the 20th Century until their departure from Egypt in the 1950s. It captures a time when the Egyptian community’s identity and allegiance to the country of Egypt was unquestioned. This documentary explores how this community came to be viewed with suspicion after the escalating Arab-Israeli conflict and particularly after the attack on Egypt by Israel, Britain and France in 1956. – Various Sources


Director: Amir Ramses
From: Egypt
Year: 2013  Minutes: 96 mins
Language : Arabic/French with English Sub.
Genre: Documentary

Released by: ArtMattan Films

Diarah N’Daw-Spech, ArtMattan Productions
Tel (212) 864-1760, e-mail:

ArtMattan Films celebrates in 2013 twenty years of exposing US audiences to a large variety of films about the human experience of people of color in many parts of the world. Films released by ArtMattan Films include Kirikou and the Sorceress, The Tracker, Gospel Hill, Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story, The First Rasta and most recently The Pirogue and La Playa D.C.  More info at



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