Beat the Bird and Make the Shot


Beat the Bird
— and Make the Shot —
with Pattern Density Technology

by Troutski

The flooded woodlands are quiet, barely lit shortly before sunrise with inky morning light. The wood duck’s squeal precedes its batter of fast wing beats. They’re a blur, sometimes, when the woodies zip over a decoy spread arranged across an opening among the backwater oaks. But the barrel swings with the hunter’s early morning anxiety, often trailing the shot behind the first birds that have easily outranged the shotgun’s blast by the time the he squeezes the trigger.

Experienced duck and goose hunters know all too well the limitations of steel waterfowl shotshells. Any shot longer than 40 yards taken with a load of steel pellets simply is a shot wasted. They may travel for up to 100 yards, but steel pellets typically run out of lethal knockdown power 100 feet out the barrel.

That was the case until Environ-Metal, Inc., makers of HEVI-Shot® high-performance shotshells, heralded a whole new tune in shotshell science. Designed with breakthrough Pattern Density Technology™, the new high-energy, high-density HEVI-Metal® 944125Waterfowl shotshell puts 26 percent more lethal pellets on target at 40 yards than any steel ammunition.

“We’ve been testing it with waterfowlers, guides and industry leaders. The verdict is unanimous – this one’s another keeper!” says Ralph Nauman, president of ENVIRON-Metal.

Pattern Density Technology™ is a proprietary solution that solves weak long-range knockdown power by boosting the pellet count in steel shotshells. Pattern Density Technology™ fills in the blanks in the shotshell pattern with a layer of HEVI-Shot® dual-density pellets over the top of a layer of steel shot. The pellets combine their individual characteristics of speed and knockdown power to out-perform standard steel pellets. Birds are killed cleanly with deep-penetrating, sharp-edged pellets rather than crippled or missed altogether.

“It’s just one more example of how ENVIRON-Metal products put the odds of success on the hunter’s side out in the field,” says Kelly Sorensen, ENVIRON-Metal’s vice president of sales and marketing. “And hunters will love the price.”

HEVI-Metal® Waterfowl shotshells are non-toxic, non-lead and are USFWS approved in all 50 states.  And they are magnetic, so they are easy for your warden to check.

HEVI-Metal® Waterfowl shot shells deliver terminal performance and long-range patterns in affordable 25-count boxes that protect hunters’ budgets while providing superior performance on duck ponds and goose fields. HEVI-Metal® Waterfowl is available by the box, the case and in Sports Packs (100 round packed into a dry box).  And all purchases are eligible for rebates of $5 per box or $25 per case.

The HEVI-Shot® family of performance shot-shell ammunition and choke tubes is manufactured, marketed and distributed worldwide by Environ-Metal Inc. at its state-of-the-art facility in Sweet Home, Oregon.


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