As 2014 Moves Forward So Do the Hybrids

As 2014 Moves Forward So Do the Hybrids

~ Carmen Schwartz

As everyone knows, car companies got on board with the ‘green’ initiative quite a long time ago. In fact, even the big names in luxury, like Mercedes-Benz, made sure they worked with their customers to give them exactly what they wanted: luxury, class, and a way to save the world that images (6)their children were inheriting.  Now there are many car companies out there who have enveloped the realm of hybrids, each doing their part to be among the biggest ‘change’ in automotive industry since, well…the wheel was invented.


There have been skeptics along the way. Heck, there are still skeptics out there who think hybrids are not ‘real’ cars (same as the people who claim eBooks are not ‘real books); but the notion to save this planet, and help the next generation by alleviating the amount of utter waste and damage that humans create on a daily basis, is still one of the biggest and most beloved ‘movements’ in 2014.


Although you will see a ‘bad’ headline every once in a while, such as cars being recalled because of airbag issues – you will also see headlines regarding recalls of all types of cars for all types of reasons. So, that excuse cannot be used when speaking about a ‘real’ car versus what a hybrid warrants.


Hybrid vehicles do save the world energy; that is a fact. It was mainly the price tag that once stopped the consumer from coming on board with images (7)purchasing a hybrid; affordability was just not something the hybrid offered to anyone whose money was tight.  But times have definitely changed. In the first half of 2014, hybrids have come on the scene catering to everyone’s pocket book so they can afford to have one in the driveway. Everything from mid-size sedans to trucks are now available, allowing something for everyone out there when it comes to load capacity and family needs.


The ‘best’ category of 2014 offers some very familiar names. So if you are looking, here are some extremely great hybrids on the car lots of America that offer everything from price to efficiency so you can make the right decision.

When it comes to subcompact cars, the 2014 Toyota Prius C at $19,890 has remained the absolute leader. With an efficiency-cost rating of 2.51, the subcompact Toyota still claims this top-rated hybrid spot of 2014.

When it comes to the compact car, it is the 2014 Honda Civic Hybrid at $25,425, you want to look out for. Although the Honda Insight was low-cost with an efficiency-cost rating of 2.15, the Insight was actually discontinued, leaving the Honda Civic Hybrid as the best compact left on the market.

The mid-size hatchback of choice is the 2014 Toyota Prius at $25,010. Toyota seems to be the ‘experts’ at making the hybrids that rate the highest. In fact, with an efficiency-cost rating of 2.00, the 2014 Toyota Prius stands far above the rest, with the closest contender being the Ford C-Max Hybrid at 1.65.

If a mid-size sedan is what’s necessary for the family, Toyota is then left behind, and Ford takes the stage. The 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid is $27,095, with an efficiency-cost rating of 1.73.

And we must at least list one…

When luxury is wanted, the best luxury mid-size sedan comes from Lincoln. The 2014 MKZ Hybrid is priced at $37,085, and literally dominates the luxurious side of life. In fact, the big names of both BMW and Mercedes-Benz come in behind it, but no amount of class, comfort, or beauty is taken away from the lucky owner!

There are many other categories, of course. From hatchback to SUV, there are companies out there supplying the best hybrid possible for you and your family.

Whether it be luxury or price point you’re looking for, it is a great thing to see that the world of ‘hybrids’ is expanding around the globe each and every day…making sure that, in turn, they will be a huge part of saving it!




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