A New Brand Releases the ‘Da Vinci’ in All of Us


A New Brand Releases the ‘Da Vinci’ in All of Us 


Inspiration and financial gain: a combination that will have investors, supporters and the creative, jumping on the internet in order to join an entrepreneur and an artist – a team who is bringing the most creative project to the masses that has been seen in a long time.


What began with an idea from Gunnar “G” Hedqwist – known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, with the ability db2f8e05ce5b1e25a92d261bc30d4773_largeto take an idea during a national recession and turn it into one of the most profitable businesses in St. Augustine, Florida – is now coming to fruition. Art-in-Motion is not only a new, creative way of looking at art, but it is also one of the most interesting and thought-provoking, considering the buyer will have their own hands become that of Da Vinci’s – creating and recreating their very own inspirational pieces just like the masters.

Picasso, Da Vinci, Rembrandt – these are the most inspirational artists whose work was not only remembered by one and all, but was absolutely memorable. Outside of the box, their work was not only exquisite, but also became the core of debates and conversation across the globe. And now everyone can follow in their paths.


An investor/supporter who wishes to see a solid, thorough plan where they can place their money and  see rewards, can discover it here. But they not only see the rewards, they feel them, as the Art-in-Motion brand grows bigger and crosses the borders of both the art community and interior design industry.


The Art-in-Motion idea was conceived so that the artist in all of us could be released. Being able to create quickly grows into an addiction – a thought-provoking, exciting addiction that will add inspiration to one’s life. People will also appreciate the convenience of Art-in-Motion, considering they can indulge in their addiction affordably, and not have to wait for millionaire status in order to purchase a Da Vinci in the auction house.


Without needing to buy a new canvas for every new captivating thought you have, the Art-in-Motion Inspiration package provides a single set of seven sculptural pieces; with these, countless images, themes and creations can be done by the purchaser, and only their imagination stands in the way of creating a perfectly new and intoxicating image whenever the mood strikes.


Investors are looking for that ultimate, unique centerpiece that the market has yet to see – and Art-in-Motion provides just that. This wall décor is more than a hobby for people, it is an obsession – watching their own creations come to life 063e9dbb0893fbda20b7d1bd4a83f435_largebefore their very eyes. With the first two themes being Aqua and Life, with more sculptures representing even more themes coming to the market in the near future, the Art-in-Motion brand will have something for absolutely everyone.


Investors are jumping on board, receiving the most stunning gifts for their funds, which will be used to cover the final costs of the design and manufacturing drawings, final prototypes, tooling, start-up costs for components and packaging. Thorough and meticulous homework has been done regarding this new venture, with the expectation of completing and launching the project within six months of receiving funding.
Inspiration Art-in-Motion will flourish, and when it does, those smart investors will see the wealth and genius of the brand. With each new package, the Art-in-Motion brand will be THE spectacular, diverse product that will be wanted by one and all.


Regardless what your contribution may be, every dollar is important to the Art-in-Motion movement. And with the ease of social media, every single time you share this information, Art-in-Motion comes ever closer to reaching the ultimate goal.


Become an official member of the team! Gifts for your support and contributions are plenty, and designed especially for the creative minds who see the need for beauty to inspire this world!


Head to:  to learn everything you need to know about Art-in-Motion, the creative minds behind the awesome idea, gifts and rewards, as well as in-depth information and careful planning for each step of this incredible project!


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